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Friday, November 7, 2008

Julian Beever

Name is Julian Beever and he is a genius. I have never seen so much imagination in any work. Yeasterday I received a mail from a friend which had some of his pavement painintings ... and it was a experiance watch those photographs ... just amazing truely amazing

Everything frin water, pump, pipe is a painted ......

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Blunders of the World — a list by Mahatma Gandhi

  • Wealth without work
  • Pleasure without conscience
  • Knowledge without character
  • Commerce without morality
  • Science without humanity
  • Worship without sacrifice
  • Politics without principle

Thursday, August 21, 2008

India at olympics 2008, New Record

India created a record of sort by getting 3 medals in a single olympic in beijing since it's participating in olympic 1900. I am used to see a single medal every olympic but this time arround we have 3. I am not sure whether this is something to feel proud about or something to be ashamed.

When one looks at medals tally, one will be find never heard of countries getting more medals. Phelps talking about improvement in records. Phelps has got more golds in olympics in comparison with India since 1900. But on every news channel you see the celebration have began, medalist have been rewarded hadsomely. Every one is talking about new dawn for indian sports and more medals in next olympic. But can this dream come true is the questions. Different association will be continued to be owned and ruled by different politicians from different parties for ages.

Why there can not be a different approch government takes when dealing with these associations. Why associations presidents, who are there for years and India has not own a single medal in that discipline should be sacked. Why corporate cultural can not be cultivated where you have to give results otherwise its good by time. But all these questions will remain unanswerd and that is because politicians dont want medals but they want cows (associations) to milk.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

IPL and England

England and english man's oppose/jealousy towards IPL is inexplicable to me at this point of time. There are number of articles written on war front by different english persons degrading the IPL, there are lot of s##t posts against IPL in different english cricket forums. I thought to find a reason to support there anger against IPL. But some how all I could come up with this reason is the colonial mentality they still posses and utter racist attitude towards anything that is not done by englishmen.

I think they feel that they own the cricket, but unfortunately for them the cricket is a ashes series. They are certainly the worst ODI team behind bangladesh, in 20-20 they are utter disgrace and absence of key performers due to injury is there support for there poor performance in test cricket.

I hardly see any difference the english men can make in present scenario. Let them vent the venom as long as they like .... they must understand that they are total disgrace.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Indian Premier League | Let the games begin

Long wait of IPL will be over today. I guess there are lot of expectation and skeptism of the whole IPL saga among cricket feternity. At this moment, I guess except english cricket administrators most have a lot of expectations from IPL. What started as a knee jerk reaction to Subhash Chandra's Indian Cricket League, has turned the cricketing world upside down. ICL mean time continuing its run effectively but how long that's the question. May be in coming months/years ICL and IPL will merge for the good of game.

Now stage is set for IPL carnival to start. Today Bangalore's Chinnaswamy stadium will host Royal Challengers versus Knight Riders match to start a new era of cricket. No one at this point of time knows, whether this will lead cricket to progress or destruction.

The main fear is destruction of test cricket / ODI due to IPL or T20 cricket. I am not sure about ODI's but as long as cricket is played Test cricket can not die. Test cricket is the purest form of cricket and a true gauge of cricketers caliber.

Talking about today's match, I am expecting a lot but certainly not sure what is my expectation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

India V/s South Africa : Preview

I think there will be some unpleaseant surprises for Indian fans coming out of this serise. I guess Indian team is very much ill prepeared for this serise. There Performance down under has given them a real high and also I guess everyone ( including players and fans alike) is expecting too much from IPL and in comparison nothing from this serise.

I guess senior v/s junior debate can prompt Seniors to shows the world who is the real boss by there performance. I guess with a little / more struggle Indian will emrge as winner.

Friday, March 7, 2008

India Down under - Series Review

Expectations: All the talk of resurgent Indian team to prove correct, India has to perform well in the current tour to Australia. First test, first day and the performance are not exactly disappointing. It is very much possible that we can win a test series down under.

Test Series:
India lost the first test match without much of an expected fight. For me the loss was mainly due to approach rather than anything else. This is what I have observed many times that India normally starts away test series with some kind of ambiguous approach or wait and watch policy. Sydney test had a lot of drama and I guess some long lasting effects on India - Australia cricketing relations. All the wrong decisions, Australia's desperation to have the record equaling win by any means and the symond - bhajji 'monkey' drama. Even thou Australia won the test match, I dont want to count this result. Perth was a good comeback by India and they were deserving winners. Fourth test was golden chance for India to rewrite the history books but the draw left them wanting for more.

As all the India - Australia series since 2001, this was also a high drama series. Kumble the captain emerged as a star performer and a gentleman cricketer who plays his game hard. But experience has no replacement in longer version of the game. Australians looked really silly in the aftermath of Sydney test fiasco. It was a good performance by India and it was evident that Australians are not the same team; they used to be without the start. Still they are the best but the difference between Australia and rest of the cricketing world is diminishing.

ODI Series
Performance was OK during the group stages and brilliant in the finals. MSD looks to be man in control and a man of vision. He dont make things complicated, keeps things simple be it batting, planning or selection of team. There is no replacement for sachin Tendulkar. He will never speak, but the loud talk his performances give, make the critics eat humble pie. Youngsters are performing consistently and the outstanding performance by Ishant sharma throughout the series was commendable. He certainly looks like future of Indian bowling. Praveen Kumar, the man with swing also did a wonderful job

Tuesday, January 29, 2008