Friday, April 18, 2008

Indian Premier League | Let the games begin

Long wait of IPL will be over today. I guess there are lot of expectation and skeptism of the whole IPL saga among cricket feternity. At this moment, I guess except english cricket administrators most have a lot of expectations from IPL. What started as a knee jerk reaction to Subhash Chandra's Indian Cricket League, has turned the cricketing world upside down. ICL mean time continuing its run effectively but how long that's the question. May be in coming months/years ICL and IPL will merge for the good of game.

Now stage is set for IPL carnival to start. Today Bangalore's Chinnaswamy stadium will host Royal Challengers versus Knight Riders match to start a new era of cricket. No one at this point of time knows, whether this will lead cricket to progress or destruction.

The main fear is destruction of test cricket / ODI due to IPL or T20 cricket. I am not sure about ODI's but as long as cricket is played Test cricket can not die. Test cricket is the purest form of cricket and a true gauge of cricketers caliber.

Talking about today's match, I am expecting a lot but certainly not sure what is my expectation.

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